Well here’s a crossover so good I’m shocked no one thought of it before: Gary ‘Eggsy’ Urwin, star of the upcoming Kingsman: The Golden Circle, meeting up with Sterling Malory Archer, the (in)famous American spy from the comedy show Archer. I really don’t want to spoil it beyond the setup, so have a watch:

And sure, it’s just a little promo for The Golden Circle, but it’s a fun promo, and that’s what counts. Honestly, I’d watch a whole spin-off focused on these two, with Eggsy playing the straight man to Archer’s… shall we say “eccentric” style of espionage.

If you want your British spy games a bit more live-action, watch the new trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. And be prepared for more movie news out of San Diego Comic Con this weekend!

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